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2016 Club Rules

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2016 Club Rules(Updated 02/06/2016)

Current Rules

Mission: The Jordan Lake Striper Club provides members with opportunities to learn more about catching striped bass, build friendships and enjoy club events. We support NCWRC efforts by uniting local striper fishermen who are concerned about conservation issues and are especially interested in decisions that directly impact the management of Jordan Lake's striped bass population.

1. General

1.1. The purpose of this document is to set forth clear rules concerning the Jordan Lake Striper Club; (JLSC.) It is subject to change only by a majority club vote at a meeting.
1.2. The JLSC is not responsible or liable for any accidents, damages or injuries to any party or property at any time.

2. Club Organization

2.1. The JLSC shall be governed by officers, members, the laws of the United States and the laws of North Carolina.
2.2. Membership is open to anyone and everyone that agrees to:
2.2.1. Be a good citizen in the community, serve as an ambassador for the JLSC, be a conservationist, have fun in fellowship and promote safety on the water
2.2.2. Membership can be revoked by a majority member vote for violating the Rules, unsportsmanlike, rude or disruptive behavior.
2.3. The JLSC shall have the following officers: President, Treasurer, Webmaster, Tournament Chairman, Outings Chairman, Meeting Speaker Chairman, Newsletter Editor and Membership Chairman. Officer positions are filled by club members in good standing for 1 year terms.
2.4. Officers may solicit and accept gifts on behalf of JLSC including sponsorships and merchandize. These gifts are recognized but are not an obligation or endorsement by JLSC.

3. Dues

3.1. Club dues are $40 per year, non-refundable and are not prorated. First time new members joining from October-December are covered by paying next year’s dues. Correct cash or a check to JLSC is appreciated.
3.2. Rules and a printable Membership form are posted in the web site.
3.3. Past member signed forms with dues may be mailed to the Treasurer or paid at a meeting or event.
3.4. Signed new membership forms with dues will only be accepted by an officer at a club meeting or event.

4. Meetings

4.1. The meeting schedule and location are posted on the Calendar page of the website.
4.2. The fellowship hour begins at 6:00 PM. Please show your patronage by eating. The club’s business meeting and program will start promptly at 7:00 PM and will end by 8:00 PM.
4.3. All club business will be managed in the following manner:
4.3.1. Members may recommend changes or additions to JLSC Rules. Officers will then review and offer recommendations to the membership for approval by majority vote during an appropriate club meeting.
4.3.2. Members lead most discussions and share their expertise.
4.3.3. Outside speakers are generally not reimbursed for services unless approved by the membership. JLSC does buy their dinner during the meeting and may help with travel expenses.

5. Events

5.1. At least one paid member must be in the boat to participate in club events.
5.2. Each JLSC Event will have a Host/Chairman. Their responsibilities include: logistics (date, time and ramp area), investigate lodging and food options and internal club promotion. They are to share this information via the JLSC web site and to help lead a discussion on “when, where and how” to be successful in catching fish at the JLSC meeting immediately before.
5.3. Members Only Jordan Lake Tournaments have no entry fees. There may be a discounted member’s entry fee charged for the Open.
5.4. Tournament rules must be approved by the membership at a prior meeting and posted in the web site. A point system is set for yearend recognition.
5.5. Outings require no entry fees, boat inspections nor contribute to annual points.
5.6. Special recognition may include an award for big fish and certificates.
5.7. Drugs are not allowed. For safety reasons, please do not drink alcohol while driving, fishing or boating.
5.8. Adverse weather conditions can cause cancellations or delays.
5.9. All boaters are personally responsible for the state required safety equipment, registration, insurance and adherence to safe boating laws. All participates of age are required to have a valid fishing license.

6. Web Site Access

6.1. New members or renewing member after 4/1 must register on the site with help from the webmaster to gain full access.
6.2. Share your “when, where and how’s” concerning trips in the Members’ Only Fishing Reports. Pictures of your catch or TROPHY earn BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS!!
6.3. Utilize this communication tool or PM to invite other members to join in the fun and even share expenses with you.
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